C-Suite Selling

Meet the experts, as the first step of this offering is setting you and your organization in front of executives.  Their objective is to tell you exactly what they are looking for from sales professionals.  They will explain how to get their attention as well as pitfalls that lose their attention.  For four years one of Americas largest organizations has trusted the Highest GOLS team members to provide direct input and lead one of their sales teams.  Learn the techniques on how to find and directly address your customers business concerns.  Other techniques you will learn are how to put on events that draw these elusive executives out of their office and into your solution meetings. 


This training course includes practices to meet your organizational needs and is extremely versatile.  Highest GOLS is excited to provide tailored one day and two day depending on your needs.


Experience how to:


  • Understand your customer's needs

  • Traits of a compelling event

  • Work with, not against, the gatekeeper

  • Prevent stalls in your sales cycle

  • Set values to lead yourself, your team and your organization

  • Stand on the shoulders of decades of previous leadership experience


This is completed in a kinetic learning environment.  Wear comfortable clothes as this is an active participation class.  Of course there is a role for the active in body and the active in mind, so please join us even if perspiring while dangling 20 feet in air does not interest you.