Collective Leadership

The authors of AsOne have introduced significant expansions on the categories that leaders use to structure their organizational culture.  Understanding how to identify and apply foundational leadership principles inside a robust structure can catapult your leadership skills and assist you in focusing your team. 

This training course includes practices to meet your organizational needs and is extremely versatile.  Highest GOLS is excited to provide tailored one day, two day and three day sessions depending on your needs.

Experience how to:

  • Discover your personal, team and organizational archetype(s)

  • Learn the traits that make up each of those archetypes

  • Create the questions to guide the team's interaction

  • Understand best practice for interacting with the various archetypes

This is completed in a kinetic learning environment.  Wear comfortable clothes as this is an active participation class.  Of course there is a role for the active in body and the active in mind, so please join us even if perspiring while dangling 20 feet in air does not interest you.