Executive Leader Incubator

Work with our team of experienced leaders to gain a deep understanding of tangible leadership principles that you will apply daily.  The HGLS team is actively involved in providing direct hands on leadership for world class IT, financial, and service organizations.

This training course includes practices to meet your organizational needs and is extremely versatile.  Highest GOLS is excited to provide tailored one day, two day and three day sessions depending on your needs.

Experience how to:

  • Lead in tumultuous times and navigate challenging waters

  • Measure the benefits of value based leadership

  • Recognize traits of poor, good, and great leadership

  • Set values to lead yourself, your team and your organization

  • Avoid the most common pitfalls of new and seasoned leadership

  • Stand on the shoulders of decades of previous leadership experience

Sample Agenda (1 day):

  • Setting organizational priorities

  • Leading with Outdoor Safety

  • Recognizing and breaking through invisible limits

  • Keeping projects moving and on track

  • Constructing the right team

This is completed in a kinetic learning environment.  Wear comfortable clothes as this is an active participation class.  Of course there is a role for the active in body and the active in mind, so please join us even if perspiring while dangling 20 feet in air does not interest you.