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Our youth have challenging waters to navigate, give them the skills they need to thrive.  It's never too early to start training the next generation of leaders. Teach your students to set goals for themselves and as a group, work as part of a team, and strive for a better tomorrow. 

HGLS Junior caters to students between the ages of 6 and 18.


To learn more about HGLS Junior, contact Madison Davis at 

Kids Running


Athletes, mathletes, or drama groups, help your team band together with an exciting event that urges them to find their niche as a leader and work together for the good of the group.


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Middle School

With this age group, our team utilizes a mixture of medium length, hands-on and discussion based activities to keep your students excited while recognizing the level of maturity they are growing into. 


Elementary School

With this age group, we utilize short, immersive practices that keep students engaged. Our hands-on approach led by our experienced staff guides your students through the activities to meet your group's goals! 

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High School

With high school students, we craft an event based on your team's goals, utilizing longer practices that are both hands-on and discussion based, as well as solo practices to facilitate personal goal-setting. 

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