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Our story

Why we got started

Highest GOLS Executive leaders have an enormous passion for teaching others and with over forty years of experience in practical executions.  The team is currently leading a world class IT sales organization.  The includes inspiring, teaching, mentoring, and motivating a team of over 300 individuals.  Our experience covers industries such as IT, commercial and residential Real Estate, Retail, State Agencies, legal firms and start up organizations. The leaders have professionally spoken at multiple regional and national conferences throughout the United States to crowds from 5 to 5000. The team holds multiple professional certifications and has been recognized over the last five years with multiple industry and eminence awards.


As wonderful as those accolades are, they say

"Our greatest honor is to be guided by our values in leading our families.  This is by far the most challenging and rewarding aspect of our lives".

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The hgls crew - 2014

our resume



  • Fortune 500 retailer Executive Management Professional Program

  • IBM Executive Leadership Training Big Blue for Leaders

  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Course

  • Franklin Convey Management Course

  • Six Sigma Project Management fundamentals

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Training

  • Client Value Method

  • Signature Selling Method

  • Whiteboard Selling

  • Financial Selling

  • Insight Selling

  • Breakthrough Value Selling


  • More than two decades of outdoor adventures including rock climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking

  • Wilderness first aid

  • Swift Water Rescue

  • iSAR Training

  • Traditional, lead, and sport climbing and top roping in SC, NC, TX, AZ and CA.

  • Hiked portions of the Palmetto and Appalachian Trail, as well as Pinnacle Mountain at Table Rock, Croft Passage at Croft State Park in SC, Looking Glass Mountain and Pisgah National Forest.

Meet The Team

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